Pioneiro alimentos

About Us

  • Pioneiro Group was founded in 1983 in the northern Paraná and has three units in the city of Joaquim Távora: the Feeds Factory, Frangos Pioneiro and Maná Alimentos. We also have another unit in the city of Ribeirão do Pinhal, Paraná: Rações Pioneira.
    Currently more 2,000 employees are working with us contributing to the development of the region. We believe that working together enhances relationships and boosts everyone's development.

    The Feeds Factory produces all the feed for the birds in the Poultry Integration System of Frangos Pioneiro with production of 800 tons per day.
    All chickens slaughtered come from Integrated producers' aviaries. We provide one-day-old chicks along with all food supplies and techniques needed to breed the birds. Integrated producers have the entire physical structure and the skilled workforce required to monitor the batch's development during the handling of the birds.
    Today there are 307 integrated producers with 478 aviaries with accommodation for a breeding stock of 47,5 million birds per year.
    The Integration System's aviaries are all over northern Paraná. Through this unity we are able to grow together and to strengthen the northeast of Paraná.

    Frangos Pioneiro is an industrial complex which slaughters and sells chicken cuts as well as whole chickens. It has a production capacity of 10,000 birds per hour. The plant currently slaughters 160,000 birds per day, resulting in 380 tons of products.
    In the case of the embedded products industry, Maná Alimentos, it produces sausages and mortadellas. It currently has a daily production of 90 tons.
    The products of both companies are virtually present throughout all Brazilian states. Mana Foods (Frangos Pioneiro's brand for the international market) is present in Japan and several countries in Africa and in the Middle East, and it is a quality reference brand in Japan.

    The Ribeirão do Pinhal unit, Rações Pioneira, produces commercial feeds for bovines, swines, equines, among others. It produces 70 tons of feeds per day, with production capacity of 15 tons per hour.

    We have skilled teams to ensure product quality in each unit. The units have several self-control programs inspected by the Federal Inspection System. They are procedures of quality sanitary management and good manufacturing practices instituted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

    Our mission is to ensure quality products and surprise everyone by adding value to the final product through actions for personal development and environmental preservation.

    And for this we have "Programas Pioneiro Humanizado" - PPH (Humanized Pioneiro Programs), actions which seek to provide the welfare necessary for a quality life of the employee, his family and the society.
    PPHs are divided into five areas: Mind and Body, Communication and Relationship, Education, Health and Social.

    The environmental preservation is also a standard practice in our management as part of our mission to add value to the final product.
    There are several programs and actions for the preservation and proper disposal of all waste produced by the units.
    Among them is the Byproducts Industry and the Organic Waste Treatment Industry Class II, where all organic waste is treated to be turned into high-efficiency fertilizer.
    Also the Wastewater Treatment Station, where all the units' wastewater is treated, from which a part is reused to clean patios and irrigate plants, and another part is returned to Fortunato Stream.
    In the case of recyclable waste, it is sent to certified companies specialized in recycling.


    Surprise customers with high quality and value-added food


    Be recognized by its pioneering, flexibility and social responsibility, working in harmony with the Pioneiro family, seeking sustainable growth


    Trust and Companionship
    Honesty and Transparency
    Humility and Simplicity
    Dedication and Commitment
    Entrepreneurship and Safety
    Perseverance and Perpetuation